Unfertilized frog eggs die by apoptosis following meiotic exit

  title={Unfertilized frog eggs die by apoptosis following meiotic exit},
  author={Alexander A. Tokmakov and Sho Iguchi and Tetsushi Iwasaki and Yasuo Fukami},
  booktitle={BMC Cell Biology},
A characteristic feature of frog reproduction is external fertilization accomplished outside the female's body. Mature fertilization-competent frog eggs are arrested at the meiotic metaphase II with high activity of the key meiotic regulators, maturation promoting factor (MPF) and cytostatic factor (CSF), awaiting fertilization. If the eggs are not fertilized within several hours of ovulation, they deteriorate and ultimately die by as yet unknown mechanism. Here, we report that the vast… CONTINUE READING


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