Unexplained pregnancy loss: a marker of basal endothelial dysfunction?

  title={Unexplained pregnancy loss: a marker of basal endothelial dysfunction?},
  author={Elisabeth Pasquier and Luc de Saint Martin and Caroline Bohec and Michel Collet and Françoise Dignat George and Dominique Mottier},
  journal={Fertility and sterility},
  volume={100 4},
OBJECTIVE To compare the microparticle levels of women referred for unexplained pregnancy loss with those of parous controls. DESIGN Incident case-control study. SETTING University medical center. PATIENT(S) 124 women consecutively referred for unexplained pregnancy losses (two or more losses at or before 21 weeks of gestational age, or at least one later loss), and 273 parous women without pregnancy loss. INTERVENTION(S) Numeration of circulating microparticles by flow cytometry after… CONTINUE READING
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