Unexpected role of surface transglutaminase type II in celiac disease.

  title={Unexpected role of surface transglutaminase type II in celiac disease.},
  author={Luigi Maiuri and Carolina Ciacci and Ida Ricciardelli and Loredana Vacca and Valeria Raia and Antonio Rispo and M. F. Griffin and Thomas B. Issekutz and Sonia Quaratino and Marco Londei},
  volume={129 5},
BACKGROUND & AIMS In celiac disease (CD), transglutaminase type II (TG2) has 2 fundamental roles: (1) as the autoantigen recognized by highly specific autoantibodies and (2) the modifier of pathogenic gliadin T-cell epitopes. It follows that inhibition of TG2 might represent an attractive strategy to curb the toxic action of gliadin. Here we studied the validity of this strategy using the organ culture approach. METHODS Duodenal biopsy specimens from 30 treated patients with CD, 33 untreated… CONTINUE READING