Unexpected coupling between flow and adsorption in porous media.


We study the interplay between transport and adsorption in porous systems under a fluid flow, based on a lattice Boltzmann scheme extended to account for adsorption. We performed simulations on well-controlled geometries with slit and grooved pores, investigating the influence of adsorption and flow on dispersion coefficient and adsorbed density. In… (More)
DOI: 10.1039/c5sm01348h


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@article{Vanson2015UnexpectedCB, title={Unexpected coupling between flow and adsorption in porous media.}, author={Jean-Mathieu Vanson and F. Coudert and Benjamin Rotenberg and Maximilien Levesque and Caroline Tardivat and Michaela Klotz and Anne Boutin}, journal={Soft matter}, year={2015}, volume={11 30}, pages={6125-33} }