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Unexpected Circular Radio Objects at High Galactic Latitude

  title={Unexpected Circular Radio Objects at High Galactic Latitude},
  author={Raymond P. Norris and Hubertus Theodorus Intema and Anna D. Kapinska and B S Koribalski and E. Lenc and Lawrence Rudnick and Rami Z. E. Alsaberi and Craig Anderson and G. E. Anderson and E. Crawford and Roland M. Crocker and Stefan W. Duchesne and Miroslav D. Filipovi'c and Andrew M. Hopkins and Natasha Hurley-Walker and Susumu Inoue and Kieran J. Luken and Peter Macgregor and Pero Manojlovic and Josh Marvil and Andrew N. O’Brien and Wasim Hassan Raja and Devika Shobhana and Jordan D. Collier and Catherine A. Hale and Aidan Hotan and David McConnell and Vanessa A. Moss and Matthew Whiting},
Ray P. Norris, Huib T. Intema, Anna D. Kapińska, Bärbel S. Koribalski, Emil Lenc, L. Rudnick, Rami Alsaberi, Craig Anderson, G. E. Anderson, E. Crawford, Roland Crocker, Stefan W. Duchesne, Miroslav D. Filipović, Andrew M. Hopkins, Natasha Hurley-Walker, Susumu Inoue, Kieran Luken, Peter Macgregor, Pero Manojlović, Josh Marvil, Andrew N. O’Brien, Wasim Raja, Devika Shobhana, Jordan D. Collier, Catherine Hale, Aidan Hotan, David McConnell, Vanessa Moss, & Matthew Whiting 

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