Unequal distribution of otx1 mRnas among cleavage stage blastomeres in the teleost, Leucopsarion petersii (shiro-uo).

  title={Unequal distribution of otx1 mRnas among cleavage stage blastomeres in the teleost, Leucopsarion petersii (shiro-uo).},
  author={M. Kamimoto and T. Suzuki and Mutsumi Ito and A. Miyake and N. Nakatsuji and T. Nakatsuji},
  journal={The International journal of developmental biology},
  volume={47 1},
The otx genes belong to the orthodenticle gene family and play important roles in anterior brain development in vertebrates. We isolated two cDNA sequences, one homologous to human and zebrafish otxl and another homologous to zebrafish otx3, from the teleost Leucopsarion petersii (shiro-uo), which belongs to the family of gobies in the Perciformes. During embryogenesis of shiro-uo, otx1 and otx3 were expressed in the fore- and mid-brain throughout development in a manner similar to that… Expand
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