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Une étude quantitative sur le temps long des occurrences du terme "matrice" en mathématiques

  title={Une {\'e}tude quantitative sur le temps long des occurrences du terme "matrice" en math{\'e}matiques},
  author={Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Brechenmacher},
A Quantitative Analysis of Mathematical Matrices on the Longue Duree. This paper resorts to a statistical survey in order to bring out the key elements for a historical study of matrices on the longue duree (matrices are here considered not only as abstract mathematical objects but also as material forms of representations resorting to operatory practices). The use of quantitative analysis on the uses of the terminology '"matrix" in Zentralblatt Math, a data basis of mathematical papers which… 
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Une Histoire de L’universalité des Matrices Mathématiques

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THE practice of holding summer Colloquia, at which courses of lectures on specialised branches of science are given, is worthy of consideration by some learned societies in Great Britain. Seven such