Undoing Theory: The “Transgender Question” and the Epistemic Violence of Anglo-American Feminist Theory

  title={Undoing Theory: The “Transgender Question” and the Epistemic Violence of Anglo-American Feminist Theory},
  author={Viviane Namaste},
  pages={11 - 32}
For nearly twenty years, Anglo-American feminist theory has posed its own epistemological questions by looking at the lives and bodies of transsexuals and transvestites. This paper examines the impact of such scholarship on improving the everyday lives of the people central to such feminist argumentation. Drawing on indigenous scholarship and activisms, I conclude with a consideration of some central principles necessary to engage in feminist research and theory—to involve marginal people in… 

Feminist Participatory Action Research with Transgender Communities: Fostering the Practice of Ethical and Empowering Research Designs

ABSTRACT Research on topics related to transgender people in psychology has gradually increased over the last 2 decades, with a noted increase in scholarship over the last 5 years (Bockting &

Mandating Inclusion: Critical Trans Perspectives on Domestic and Sexual Violence Advocacy

The findings suggest that the persistence of inequities for trans survivors are tied to the reliance on criminal legal responses, contingent access to gender-specific services, compliance-focused approaches to inclusion, operating theories of gender-based violence, and the diversion of responsibility to LGBTQ programs.

Feminist and Transgender Tensions: An Inquiry into History, Methodological Paradigms, and Embodiment

When we carry out analyses of gender and embodiment, the paradigms we employ can determine our outcomes—often in exclusive ways. While many feminists have demonstrated that philosophical paradigms

Transgender Theory: Embodying Research and Practice

Transgender theory is an emerging theoretical orientation on the nature of gender and gender identity in understanding the lived experiences of transgender and transsexual individuals. It is distinct

Negotiating transgender identities on the internet - a South African study1

abstract The initial celebratory response that hailed the internet as some kind of utopia, both liberatory and democratic, has been tempered and gender scholars increasingly interrogate the internet

This girl’s life: An autoethnography

This essay seeks to add to a growing awareness of transgender lives and narratives in management and organisational studies. It presents an often visceral and emotive autoethnographical account of

The Development of Transgender Studies in Sociology

The field of transgender studies has grown exponentially in sociology over the last decade. In this review, we track the development of this field through a critical overview of the sociological

Thinking Queer About the Space of School Safety: Violence and Dis/Placement of LGBTQ Youth of Color

This chapter seeks to critically analyze contemporary discourses of queer pedagogy linked to issues of violence, safe space, and school safety. Informed by transnational theorizing and Black feminist

Studying trans: recommendations for ethical recruitment and collaboration with transgender participants in academic research

ABSTRACT The transgender population has been subject to a troubled history of ethically and methodologically flawed research practices. Whilst interest and ethical standards have both risen, there

A trans pedagogy of refusal: interrogating cisgenderism, the limits of antinormativity and trans necropolitics

ABSTRACT In this paper, we reflect on the ethico-political and epistemological implications of a critical trans pedagogy that takes as its focus the generative stance of refusal. Our purpose is to



Invisible Lives: The Erasure of Transsexual and Transgendered People

Through combined theoretical and empirical study, Viviane K. Namaste argues that transgendered people are not so much produced by medicine or psychiatry as they are erased, or made invisible, in a

Imagining Transgender: An Ethnography of a Category

Imagining Transgender is an ethnography of the emergence and institutionalization of transgender as a category of collective identity and political activism. Embraced by activists in the early 1990s

The Unhappy Marriage of Marxism and Feminism: Towards a more Progressive Union

This paper argues that the relation between marxism and feminism has, in all the forms it has so far taken, been an unequal one. While both marxist method and feminist analysis are necessary to an

Feminist Solidarity after Queer Theory: The Case of Transgender

Dans cet article, l'A se penche sur les visions feministes de la transsexualite. L'A reviste ici differents points de vue theoriques feministes concernant la construction socio-politique de

Sociological work on transgender in Latin America: Some considerations

Abstract Sociology concerns the study of the underlying rules and processes which organise social interaction and phenomena. It deals with the present-day social world. Sociology, like other fields,

Decolonizing Methodologies: Research and Indigenous Peoples

Foreword Introduction 1. Imperialism, History, Writing and Theory 2. Research through Imperial Eyes 3. Colonizing Knowledges 4. Research Adventures on Indigenous Land 5. Notes from Down Under 6. The

Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity

Preface (1999) Preface (1990) 1. Subjects of Sex/Gender/Desire I. 'Women' as the Subject of Feminism II. The Compulsory Order of Sex/Gender/Desire III. Gender: The Circular Ruins of Contemporary

Mother Camp: Female Impersonators in America

For two years Ester Newton did field research in the world of drag queens-homosexual men who make a living impersonating women. Newton spent time in the noisy bars, the chaotic dressing rooms, and

Health and Social Service Needs of Transgender People in Chicago

A needs assessment of transgender people was conducted in Chicago in 2001 to assess their HIV risks, health and social service needs, and barriers to care, particularly MTFs and people of color.

Gender as an Obstacle in HIV/AIDS Prevention: Considerations for the Development of HIV/AIDS Prevention Efforts for Male-to-Female Transgenders

SUMMARY Social discourses regarding gender are responsible for molding people's cognitions, perceptions, behaviors, and interactions with others. Approaching and understanding gender socialization is