Undiagnosed phaeochromocytoma masquerading as eclampsia.


The authors report the case of a previously well 34-year-old woman presenting with a hypertensive crises and a grand-mal seizure following elective caesarean section. Initial treatment of extreme hypertension, of a presumed eclamptic aetiology, with magnesium and labetalol was complicated by intermittent profound hypotensive episodes. This was accompanied… (More)
DOI: 10.1136/bcr.10.2011.4922


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@article{Petrie2012UndiagnosedPM, title={Undiagnosed phaeochromocytoma masquerading as eclampsia.}, author={Joanne E Petrie and Christopher J A Lockie and Alex Paolineli and Michele Stevens and Mark Smith and Catharine Mitchell and Simon William Dubrey}, journal={BMJ case reports}, year={2012}, volume={2012} }