Undertow, Rip Current, and Riptide

  title={Undertow, Rip Current, and Riptide},
  author={Stephen P. Leatherman},
Abstract Leatherman, S.P., 2012. Undertow, rip current, and riptide. Undertow, rip current, and riptide are terms used to describe a variety of currents, all of which have different characteristics. However, much of the general public, news media, and even dictionary definitions confuse and misidentify these potential hazards at surf beaches. Many beachgoers use the terms interchangeably, when in fact they are distinctly different hazards. Furthermore, undertow, rip currents, and riptides occur… 
Rip current related drowning deaths and rescues in Australia 2004–2011
Abstract. Rip currents are a common hazard to beachgoers found on many beaches around the world, but it has proven difficult to accurately quantify the actual number of rip current related drowning
Correspondence of Beach User Perception, Lifesaving Strategies and Rip Currents: Implications for Beach Management
Abstract Rip currents at beaches are a public health hazard, with the potential to have serious socio-economic impacts on coastal communities globally, particularly those that depend on tourists. The
Study on the Coastline Evolution in Sopot (2008–2018) Based on Landsat Satellite Imagery
The coastline is the boundary between the water surface in a reservoir or watercourse and the land, which is characterised by high instability and functional diversity. For these reasons, research on
Sediment size effects on self-organisation behaviour of rip channels
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Nearshore currents and safety to swimmers in Xai-Xai Beach
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Rip-current type, spacing and persistence, Narrabeen Beach, Australia
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The spatial distribution of the mean cross-shore flow (undertow) over a barred beach is examined with field data obtained on three energetic wave days during the Duck94 experiment. The vertical
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