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UnderstandingtheDecisionsandValuesofStakeholdersinHealth InformationExchanges:ExperiencesFromMassachusetts

  title={UnderstandingtheDecisionsandValuesofStakeholdersinHealth InformationExchanges:ExperiencesFromMassachusetts},
  author={Robert S. Rudin and Steven R. Simon and Lynn A. Volk and M. Tripathi and David Westfall Bates},
  • Robert S. Rudin, Steven R. Simon, +2 authors David Westfall Bates
  • Published 2009
  • Medicine
  • Objectives. We studied how health information exchange systems are established by examining the decisions (and thus, indirectly, the values) of key stakeholders (health care providers) participating in a health information exchange pilot project in 3 Massachusetts communities. Our aim was to understand how these kinds of information exchanges can be made viable. Methods. We used semistructured interviews to assess health care providers’ decision-making processes in selecting technical… CONTINUE READING

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