Understanding the specific nature of the East Asia Neolithic transition

  title={Understanding the specific nature of the East Asia Neolithic transition},
  author={Oksana Yanshina},
  journal={Documenta Praehistorica},
  • O. Yanshina
  • Published 6 December 2019
  • Environmental Science
  • Documenta Praehistorica
The main subject of this article is to define the specific nature of the Palaeolithic-Neolithic transition in East Asia. A comparative analysis of regional East Asian data was run in order to achieve this. As a result, three dissimilar models of the Neolithic transition were distinguished: Meso-Neolithic, Subneolithic, and Neolithic proper. The first and last are similar to their counterparts in the western part of Eurasia, but the Subneolithic is unique for East Asia. Regarding chronology, two…