Understanding the etiology of Stargardt's disease.

  title={Understanding the etiology of Stargardt's disease.},
  author={Liane Clamen Glazer and T. P. Dryja},
  journal={Ophthalmology clinics of North America},
  volume={15 1},
  pages={93-100, viii}
Stargardt's disease is a form of juvenille macular degeneration. Patients with Stargardt's disease typically present in the first or second decade of life, complaining of decreased visual acuity. Recent research allows for a three-step explanation of the pathophysiology of Stargardt's disease: 1) Defective Rim Protein, a protein encoded by the ABCA4 gene, causes an accumulation of protonated N-retinylidene-PE in the rod outer segments; 2) A2-E, a byproduct of N-retinylidene-PE, then accumulates… CONTINUE READING

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