Understanding the Motivations, Participation, and Performance of Open Source Software Developers: A Longitudinal Study of the Apache Projects

  title={Understanding the Motivations, Participation, and Performance of Open Source Software Developers: A Longitudinal Study of the Apache Projects},
  author={Jeffrey A. Roberts and Il-Horn Hann and Sandra Slaughter},
  journal={Manag. Sci.},
Understanding what motivates participation is a central theme in the research on open source software (OSS) development. Our study contributes by revealing how the different motivations of OSS developers are interrelated, how these motivations influence participation leading to performance, and how past performance influences subsequent motivations. Drawing on theories of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, we develop a theoretical model relating the motivations, participation, and performance… 

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It is suggested that greater open source participation per se, as measured in contributions made, is not associated with wage increases, however, a higher status in a merit-based ranking within the Apache Project is associated with significantly higher wages, suggesting that employers do not reward the gain in experience through open sourceparticipation as an increase in human capital.
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