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Understanding the Influencers of Second-Hand Apparel Shopping Behavior

  title={Understanding the Influencers of Second-Hand Apparel Shopping Behavior},
  author={Robyn Hobbs},
Want it, Rent it: Exploring Attributes Leading to Conversion for Online Furniture Rental Platforms
Online furniture rental platforms are expanding choice and convenience, allowing customers to rent from a wide array of providers with the click of a button or tap of a finger. The business of onlineExpand
Big Data Analysis of the Second-Hand Apparel Market Trends Comparing 2014 and 2019
The second-hand apparel market has grown rapidly in the past few years by meeting consumers’ increasing concerns about sustainability. In order to understand what changes in consumers’ perception andExpand
Second-hand shopping and brand loyalty: The role of online collaborative redistribution platforms
Abstract: The research's purpose is to identify the stakes of collaborative redistribution platforms for brands and to understand the influence of their intrinsic and extrinsic characteristics onExpand
Motivators for the Second-Hand Shopping Through Mobile Commerce
This study aims to reveal the factors affecting the use of second-hand shopping through a mobile application. An extended Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), including economic advantage, naturalExpand


The Kijiji Second-hand Economy Index: 2016
In 2015, the Kijiji Second-Hand Economy Index launched to more closely examine the growing phenomenon that is the second-hand economy The intention of the inaugural study was to devise aExpand
How to Snare the Bargain Hunters
  • Marketing Week (01419285), October
  • 2013
Value‐driven Internet shopping: The mental accounting theory perspective
When faced with competition and the ease with which customers can compare prices across sellers, Internet vendors often lower prices in a bid to increase sales. However, recent research reports thatExpand
Sustainable consumption: green consumer behaviour when purchasing products
The 'attitude-behaviour gap' or 'values-action gap' is where 30% of consumers report that they are very concerned about environmental issues but they are struggling to translate this into purchases.Expand
The effects of information overload on consumers' subjective state towards buying decision in the internet shopping environment
An extended model is proposed, considering the roles of information filtering mechanisms, on-line shopping experience, and perceived information overload, to examine the effects of information load on subjective state towards decision, and results indicate that rich information leads to a perception of high information overload; and the latter lead consumers to a worse subject state toward decision. Expand
The impacts of quickness, price, payment risk, and delivery issues on on-line shopping
Abstract Using binomial and multinomial logistic models, we estimate the effects of quickness, price, payment risk, and delivery issues on an individual’s on-line shopping decision and shoppingExpand
Something old, something used: Determinants of women's purchase of vintage fashion vs second‐hand fashion
Purpose – Vintage has been a growing trend in clothing recently, leading to major fashion brands launching collections inspired by vintage pieces or luxury haute‐couture houses digging into theirExpand
Consumers' Initial Trust toward Second-Hand Products in the Electronic Market
  • Sang M. Lee, S. Lee
  • Computer Science
  • J. Comput. Inf. Syst.
  • 2005
The result shows that two different types of trust exist in the online used product market and shows that the initial trusts mediate the relationship between the customers and their willingness to buy used goods from the unknown retailer. Expand
The Ugly Consumer: Ridiculing Those Who Shop Ethically.
  • Ohio State University
  • 2016
20 Years in the Making
  • Trusted Clothes. October 1
  • 2015