Understanding the Female Offender

  title={Understanding the Female Offender},
  author={Elizabeth Cauffman},
  journal={The Future of Children},
  pages={119 - 142}
  • E. Cauffman
  • Published 1 October 2008
  • Law
  • The Future of Children
Although boys engage in more delinquent and criminal acts than do girls, female delinquency is on the rise. In 1980, boys were four times as likely as girls to be arrested; today they are only twice as likely to be arrested. In this article, Elizabeth Cauffman explores how the juvenile justice system is and should be responding to the adolescent female offender.Cauffman begins by reviewing historical trends in arrest rates, processing, and juvenile justice system experiences of female offenders… 
Females in the Juvenile Justice System: Influences on Delinquency and Recidivism
The role of mental health history and family dysfunction or disruption on female juvenile delinquency was examined. Using large sample archival data from a state juvenile justice agency, we examined
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Over the last decade, there has been increasing recognition by researchers and policymakers of the serious problem of antisocial and criminal behavior committed by adolescent females (Pepler et al.
Gender-specific treatment for female young offenders
The rate of female youth being charged with serious violent crimes in Canada has more than doubled since 1986, rising from 60 per 100, 000 to 132 per 100, 000 by 2005 (Kong & AuCoin, 2008). These
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Way in which juvenile female sex offenders are similar to and different from juvenile male sex offenders, and the limitations that exist related to the authors' knowledge about these offenders are described.
Pathways to Persistence: Female Offending from 14 to 25
PurposeWhile violent crime among females has nearly doubled, research on crime still tends to focus on male offending. To better understand the developmental patterns of female crime, this study
Running head : THE FEMALE JUVENILE OFFENDER 1 The Female Juvenile Offender : Therapeutic Considerations
Historically, male adolescents have been incarcerated in juvenile detention facilities at higher rates than female adolescents. However, females are currently the fastest growing population in the
The Female Juvenile Offender : Therapeutic Considerations The Female Juvenile Offender : Therapeutic Considerations
Historically, male adolescents have been incarcerated in juvenile detention facilities at higher rates than female adolescents. However, females are currently the fastest growing population in the
Since the 1980s, girls have started to constitute growing numbers of juvenile court caseloads. Some suggest that girls are becoming increasingly more delinquent and violent, while others argue that
For Males Only? The Search for Serious, Violent, and Chronic Female Juvenile Offenders
PurposeThe current study examines the prevalence and correlates of serious, violent, and chronic offending among female juveniles admitted to juvenile justice residential programs in the state of


Do We Know Which Interventions are Effective for Disruptive and Delinquent Girls?
A small body of evidence suggests that interventions specifically designed to address female behavior problems or risk factors can be effective in ameliorating disruptive and delinquent behaviors in both pre-adolescence and adolescence.
Bad Boys or Poor Parents: Relations to Female Juvenile Delinquency.
Findings suggest that girls who engage in self-reported delinquent behavior are more likely to experience a high degree of antisocial encouragement exerted on them by their current romantic partner, with the association between partner encouragement and self- reported offending being strongest among youths reporting warm relationships with their opposite-sex parent.
Sex Differences in Empathy and Its Relation to Juvenile Offending
Results suggest that empathy acts as a protective factor for both males and Female but that there are subtle differences among males and females in the relation between empathy and offending.
Gender Bias and Juvenile Justice Revisited: A Multiyear Analysis
This study presents a multiyear empirical examination of gender bias in the handling of juvenile court cases in Hawaii. Based on prior qualitative and quantitative data, it is hypothesized that once
What happens to "bad" girls? A review of the adult outcomes of antisocial adolescent girls.
  • K. Pajer
  • Psychology
    The American journal of psychiatry
  • 1998
It is established that female adolescent antisocial behavior has important long-term individual and societal consequences and there is insufficient data to enable us to prevent or treat these outcomes or treat them if they occur.
Delinquent Daughters: Protecting and Policing Adolescent Female Sexuality in the United States, 1885-1920.
Delinquent Daughters explores the gender, class, and racial tensions that fueled campaigns to control female sexuality in late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century America. Mary Odem looks at
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This research examines the recidivism outcomes of 2,436 serious, violent, and chronic youth released from a juvenile correctional system. This group of state delinquents was followed for 5 years
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Research on gender and presentencing investigative reports documents that significant differences regarding male and female offenders exist both in terms of criminal history and type of current
Crime in the Breaking: Gender Differences in Desistance
Despite increasing interest in understanding patterns of criminal behavior over the life course and, especially, desistance from crime, evidence about the predictors of these experiences has been
Gender, Ethnicity, and Offending over the Life Course: Women’s Pathways to Prison in the Aloha State
This paper develops what some researchers are now calling the ‘pathways’ approach to understanding women’s criminality. This perspective argues that women’s offending is an outgrowth of histories of