Understanding the Discouraged Child Within the School System: An Adlerian View of the School-to-Prison Pipeline

  title={Understanding the Discouraged Child Within the School System: An Adlerian View of the School-to-Prison Pipeline},
  author={Jennifer M. Emmons and Susan E. Belangee},
  journal={The Journal of Individual Psychology},
  pages={134 - 153}
Abstract:School-aged children are suffering with significant mental health issues that affect their ability to function well in school. When these issues go unnoticed and/or untreated, the children become discouraged, which may lead them to use maladaptive ways of dealing with others and with school-related tasks. Without appropriate intervention, these children may become young adults who engage in behaviors that are self-destructive and/or dangerous to society, which may then result in a… 
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The enduring contributions of minorities, like those of all Americans, rest on a foundation of mental health, which is the basis for successful contributions to family, community, and society.
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