Understanding persistence in bulimia nervosa: a 5-year naturalistic study.

  title={Understanding persistence in bulimia nervosa: a 5-year naturalistic study.},
  author={Christopher G Fairburn and Eric Stice and Zafra Cooper and Helen Doll and Patricia A Norman and Marianne E O'Connor},
  journal={Journal of consulting and clinical psychology},
  volume={71 1},
Bulimia nervosa shows a marked tendency to persist, suggesting that powerful maintaining mechanisms operate. Using data from a prospective, 5-year, study of the natural course of 102 people with bulimia nervosa, the authors sought to identify predictors of persistence and to test specific hypotheses derived from the cognitive-behavioral theory of the persistence of bulimia nervosa. The results of both sets of analyses were consistent with the theory, with the degree of overevaluation of shape… CONTINUE READING

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