Understanding how service learning pedagogy impacts student learning objectives

  title={Understanding how service learning pedagogy impacts student learning objectives},
  author={Liz C. Wang and Lisa Calvano},
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ABSTRACT Service learning (SL) is gaining popularity in business schools as a way to supplement traditional pedagogies. Research indicates that SL improves particular learning outcomes, but little is known about how this happens. Using Kolb's theory of experiential learning, the authors develop and test a conceptual model that explains how SL activates the four cycles of experiential learning and affects the learning outcomes of academic knowledge, career development, personal growth, and civic… 
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ABSTRACT Service-learning is identified as a high-impact teaching practice as it aids the development of business knowledge, human skills and civic responsibility amongst students. In spite of the
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Service-Learning (SL) is a teaching innovation method that combines learning and social service objectives to improve educational quality and graduate employability. To date, there are hardly any
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It is found that students enjoy plenty of outcomes after participating in the service-learning experience, thus, the most frequent outcome is greater social engagement.
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  • Global Trends, Dynamics, and Imperatives for Strategic Development in Business Education in an Age of Disruption
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El impacto del aprendizaje-servicio (ApS) en diversas variables psicoeducativas del alumnado universitario: las actitudes cívicas, el pensamiento crítico, las habilidades de trabajo en grupo, la empatía y el autoconcepto. Una revisión sistemática
En los últimos años, el aprendizaje basado en servicio (ApS) ha demostrado ser una metodología educativa efectiva para la adquisición de conocimientos y el desarrollo personal y profesional de los
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In assessing the impact of service-learning, most studies focus on its effects on students’ learning than community partners and the communities served; leaving largely unanswered, the question of


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Abstract This article presents a service-learning method in which students combine community service with academic study. Service-learning, which enhances the teaching/learning process and
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Service-learning (SL) has become a popular teaching method everywhere from elementary schools to colleges. Despite the increased presence of SL in the education world, it is still unclear what
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Community service and service learning (CS&SL) exposes students to the business practice of giving back to society while reinforcing classroom learning in an applied real-world setting. However, does
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The authors detail implementation techniques for including service learning and provide an outline for students and faculty, as well as rubrics for assessing teamwork and for scoring final projects.
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We argue service-learning pedagogy and the associated educational experiences provide a partial solution to the significant problem of narrowness in business education. Service-learning pedagogy se...
While it’s thought that experiential learning pedagogies encourage greater student engagement that results in deep meaningful learning, it may be that they sometimes yield short-term surface
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Research studies reflect mixed results on whether or not service-learning increases student learning outcomes. The current study seeks to reconcile these findings by extending a meta-analysis
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As today's business world and society become more diverse, it is essential for colleges and universities to prepare students" to work and live in that diverse world, and service-learning is one tool
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The purpose of this article is to report a case study of using service-learning methodology in an undergraduate sales course. Specifically, this article provides faculty with a creative vantage point
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Learning theorists recognize that not all experiences result in learn ing, particularly discipline-based learning. John Dewey called for educa tion to be deeply rooted in experience (1916), yet he