Understanding drug preferences, different perspectives.

  title={Understanding drug preferences, different perspectives.},
  author={Peter G. M. Mol and Arna H Arnardottir and Sabine M. J. M. Straus and Pieter A. de Graeff and Flora M. Haaijer-Ruskamp and Elise H. Quik and Paul F M Krabbe and Petra Denig},
  journal={British journal of clinical pharmacology},
  volume={79 6},
AIMS To compare the values regulators attach to different drug effects of oral antidiabetic drugs with those of doctors and patients. METHODS We administered a 'discrete choice' survey to regulators, doctors and patients with type 2 diabetes in The Netherlands. Eighteen choice sets comparing two hypothetical oral antidiabetic drugs were constructed with varying drug effects on glycated haemoglobin, cardiovascular risk, bodyweight, duration of gastrointestinal complaints, frequency of… CONTINUE READING

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