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Understanding a Version of Multivariate Symmetric Uncertainty to assist in Feature Selection

  title={Understanding a Version of Multivariate Symmetric Uncertainty to assist in Feature Selection},
  author={Gustavo Sosa-Cabrera and Miguel Garc{\'i}a-Torres and Santiago G{\'o}mez and Christian E. Schaerer and Federico Divina},
In this paper, we analyze the behavior of the multivariate symmetric uncertainty (MSU) measure through the use of statistical simulation techniques under various mixes of informative and non-informative randomly generated features. Experiments show how the number of attributes, their cardinalities, and the sample size affect the MSU. We discovered a condition that preserves good quality in the MSU under different combinations of these three factors, providing a new useful criterion to help… 
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  • W. J. McGill
  • Computer Science
    Trans. IRE Prof. Group Inf. Theory
  • 1954
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