Understanding Teacher Emo ons: Implica ons for Teacher Educa on

  • CHEN Junjun
  • Published 2016


This study aims to understand teacher emo ons through interviewing 25 and surveying 1492 primary teachers in China using a mixed method. Deduc ve content analysis was employed to analyze the data alloca ng the five nested ecological systems ‐ microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, macro‐system, and chronosystem. Results show that the number of emo ons that teachers reported decreased as the distance from the teachers increased. The highest intensity of teacher emo ons, especially with regard to teacher‐student interac on and classroom management, was reported at the microsystem level. Given the powerful role that emo ons and rela onships play in teaching and learning, it is cri cal for teacher educa on in both preservice and inservice se ngs to support the development of knowledge and skills for emo onal self‐regula on, the nurturing of rela onships in classrooms, and the improvement of their well‐being.

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