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Understanding Privacy (Chapter One)

  title={Understanding Privacy (Chapter One)},
  author={Daniel J. Solove},
Understanding privacy leakage concerns in Facebook: A longitudinal case study
Privacy vs. Security: Fear appeals, terrorism and the willingness to allow increased government surveillance
This study investigates the relationship between fear and privacy by using the Extended Parallel Process Model (EPPM) to examine whether there is an association between fear appeals and theExpand
The antecedents of citizens' privacy concerns in the context of surveillance and security measures: a cross-national analysis
OF THE DISSERTATION .................................................................................... ii ACKNOWLEDGMENTSExpand
Embedding Privacy and Ethical Values in Big Data Technology
The phenomenon now commonly referred to as “Big Data” holds great promise and opportunity as a potential source of solutions to many societal ills ranging from cancer to terrorism; but it might alsoExpand
Information Privacy Status in Saudi Arabia
The results presented in this paper are based on a survey and structured interviews with key stakeholders in multiple organizations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to measure organizational compliance and personal perceptions of information privacy. Expand
Enhancing user's privacy : developing a model for managing and testing the lifecycle of consent and revocation
Increasingly, people turn to the Internet for access to services, which often require disclosure of a significant amount of personal data. Networked technologies have enabled an explosive growth inExpand
Privacy and Value Co-creation for IT-Enabled Service Systems: Cui Bono?
The different facets of privacy are identified, the intersection of privacy and co-creation of value is explored, and suggestions for future research regarding how businesses and customers can benefit from the service while ensuring privacy is protected are offered. Expand
Explorer Surveillance and resilience in theory and practice
Surveillance is often used as a tool in resilience strategies towards the threat posed by terrorist attacks and other serious crime. “Resilience” is a contested term with varying and ambiguousExpand


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