Understanding Police Corruption and Its Effect on Internal Security in Nigeria

  title={Understanding Police Corruption and Its Effect on Internal Security in Nigeria},
  author={David Uchenna Enweremadu},
  journal={Internal Security Management in Nigeria},
This chapter examines corrupt practices among members of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) in the context of rising internal insecurity. Of particular concern is to determine the extent and dimensions of corruption within the police, the factors responsible for such practices and how they impact on the safety of lives and property of members of the public. The chapter combines both primary and secondary data, which were collected through opinion surveys (questionnaires) and content analysis of… 
Accounts of Unlawful Use of Force and Misconduct of the Nigerian Police in the Enforcement of COVID-19 Measures
  • R. Aborisade
  • Law
    Journal of police and criminal psychology
  • 2021
The study concludes that the militarized option adopted by the police to enforce COVID-19 measures drew deeper divides between the police and communities than previously existed and stresses the need for Nigeria police to train officers, reprimand erring officers, and deploy procedural justice principles in enforcing COVID -19 measures.
Policing the lockdown: accounts of police officers’ aggression and extortion of frontline health workers in Nigeria
Findings indicated that participants were subjected to different forms of aggression and extortive behaviour from police officers at checkpoints, which negatively impacted on their official functioning as responders to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Impact of psychological contract breach on police corruption in Nigeria: The moderating role of emotion regulation strategies
Using insight from social exchange and conservation of resources theories, the present study address the void in the literature on the relationship between psychological contract breach (PCB) and


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