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Understanding Cycling Mobility: Bologna Case Study

  title={Understanding Cycling Mobility: Bologna Case Study},
  author={Taron Davtian and Flavio Bertini and Rajesh Sharma},
Understanding human mobility in urban environments is of the utmost importance to manage traffic and for deploying new resources and services. In recent years, the problem is exacerbated due to rapid urbanization and climate changes. In an urban context, human mobility has many facets, and cycling represents one of the most eco-friendly and efficient/effective ways to move in touristic and historical cities. The main objective of this work is to study the cycling mobility within the city of… 



Understanding spatio-temporal heterogeneity of bike-sharing and scooter-sharing mobility

Unraveling pedestrian mobility on a road network using ICTs data during great tourist events

A new dataset that has been collected by the Italian mobile phone company TIM, which contains the GPS positions of a relevant sample of mobile devices when they actively connected to the cell phone network is analyzed to propose innovative tools allowing to study properties of pedestrian mobility on the whole road network.

Sensing and predicting the pulse of the city through shared bicycling

This paper provides a spatiotemporal analysis of 13 weeks of bicycle station usage from Barcelona's shared bicycling system, called Bicing, and applies clustering techniques to identify shared behaviors across stations and shows how these behaviors relate to location, neighborhood, and time of day.

Effects of built environment and weather on bike sharing demand: a station level analysis of commercial bike sharing in Toronto

A comprehensive spatial analysis provides meaningful insights on the influences of socio-demographic attributes, land use and built environment, as well as different weather measures on bike share ridership in Toronto.

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Insight is given on the social behaviors of the users of the Velo'v intermodal transportation system to help in designing and planning policy in urban transportation.

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