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Understanding 'Sanctuary Cities'

  title={Understanding 'Sanctuary Cities'},
  author={Christopher N. Lasch and R. Linus Chan and Ingrid V. Eagly and Dina Francesca Haynes and Annie Lai and Elizabeth McCormick and Juliet P. Stumpf},
  journal={Boston College Law Review},
Author(s): Lasch, Christopher N; Chan, Linus; Eagly, Ingrid V; Haynes, Dina Francesca; Lai, Annie; McCormick, Elizabeth; Stumpf, Juliet P 
Cosmopolitanism in US Sanctuary Cities: Dreamers Claiming Urban Citizenship
  • C. Lejeune
  • History, Sociology
    IMISCOE Research Series
  • 2021
Sanctuary cities are on the rise and undocumented migrant activism is growing in both the US and Europe. In this context, it seems appropriate to revisit the concept of sanctuaryin its relation to
Building the sanctuary city from the ground up: abolitionist solidarity and transformative reform
  • Fiona Jeffries, J. Ridgley
  • Political Science
    Inclusive Solidarity and Citizenship along Migratory Routes in Europe and the Americas
  • 2020
ABSTRACT This article recounts the story of sanctuary city organizing in Ottawa, Canada to explore the politics and potential of a transformative approach to sanctuary rooted in anti-prison activism
Sanctuary Cities: What Global Migration Means for Local Governments
Cities have become active participants in implementing migration policies, thereby expanding the meaning of the word “global” with regard to the activity of local governments. International movement
Border Struggles, Political Unity, and the Transformative Power of the Local: US Sanctuary Cities and Spain’s Cities of Refuge
This article draws on theoretical insights about bordering and citizenship as strategies for socially constructing difference and the scholarship on scalar challenges underlying contemporary
Sacrificing Women and Immigrants on the Altar of Regressive Politics
  • D. Haynes
  • Political Science
    Human Rights Quarterly
  • 2019
ABSTRACT:Regressive regimes are on the rise, implementing laws and policies designed to have a chilling effect on their opposition. They focus much of their ire on women and immigrants, creating
The battleground of asylum and immigration policies: a conceptual inquiry
ABSTRACT Scholarship has sought to develop theoretical frameworks to set order on the rather muddled web of actors, interactions and tensions involved in asylum and immigration policies. The article
Undocumented, not Unengaged: Local Immigration Laws and the Shaping of Undocumented Mexicans’ Political Engagement
cholars have long demonstrated that laws convey messages to people about how government views them and that these messages impact targeted groups’ political behavior. Drawing from this insight,
The Limits of Local Sanctuary Initiatives for Immigrants
In recent years, many local governments in the United States have declared themselves to be sanctuaries, welcoming jurisdictions, safe cities, or cities of refuge for immigrants. At the same time,
Pulling human rights back in? local authorities, international law and the reception of undocumented migrants
Abstract The category of the ‘irregular’ migrant is usually seen as the quintessential non-status under international law, offering states plenty of discretion while providing few practically
Human Rights Education as a Link to the Counterbalance Strategy of the Sanctuary Cities Against Federal Immigration Programs in the USA
In the United States, cities and counties called “sanctuary” have in common the exercise of some public policies and community practices that counterbalance verticality and lack of transparency of