Undermining the Eighteenth-Century Pastoral: Rewriting the Poet's Relationship to Nature in Charlotte Smith's Poetry

  title={Undermining the Eighteenth-Century Pastoral: Rewriting the Poet's Relationship to Nature in Charlotte Smith's Poetry},
  author={K Alinejad Tayebi},
  journal={European Romantic Review},
  pages={131 - 150}
  • K. Tayebi
  • Published 1 March 2004
  • Art
  • European Romantic Review
Taylor and Francis Ltd gerr031048.sgm 10.1 80/1050958042000180737 Europe Romantic Review 5 -9585 (pri t)/174 -4657 (online) Original Article 2 04 & Francis Ltd 521March 2004 K ndiT yeb eng_k t@sh u.edu Recent new historicist readings of Romantic poetry have illustrated how Wordsworth and other Romantic poets displace the historically significant events of their time in their poetry. Thus, Jerome McGann argues that the uncomfortable presences of the beggars and coal barges are displaced in… 

Pastorals, Passepieds, and Pendants: Interpreting Characterization Through Aria Pairs in Handel’s Rodelinda

Example 1a. Salvator Rosa, Poetry, 1641, oil on canvasExample 1b. Salvator Rosa, Music, 1641, oil on canvas[1.1] Salvator Rosa's companion portraits Poetry and Music (1641; see Examples 1a-b) suggest

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While attending to visual features of Charlotte Smith’s poetic works, scholars have neglected to acknowledge that sight is regularly accompanied, and at times supplanted, by touch within them. This

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This paper aims to provide a chronology of the events leading up to and including the publication of this book and some of the key events that led to its publication.



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Charlotte Smith's life was the stuff of romantic anguish; upon marriage she felt exiled in "personal slavery", and began publishing poems to earn money while in debtor's prison with her extravagant

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period to be included in the Oxford series, Women Writers in English, 1350-1850, was assured from the beginning. Yet, in the subtle ways in which an inherent rationale may become clear long after it

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Als M. im Winter 1755 schwer an Grippe erkrankte, am 5. Februar gar ins Koma fiel, lies sich Papst Benedikt XIV. durch seinen Pariser Nuntius laufend berichten, ob der angesehene Rechtsdenker und