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Underground Cable Fault Detection using Arduino

  title={Underground Cable Fault Detection using Arduino},
  author={T. Nandhini and J. Shalini and T. Sai Sangeeetha and D Gnanaprakasam},
The project is intended to detect the location of fault in underground cable lines from the base station to exact location in kilometers using an Arduino micro controller kit. In the urban areas, the electrical cab le runs in undergrounds instead of overhead line s. Whenever the fault occurs in underground cable it is difficult to detect the exact location of the fault for process of repairing that particular cable. The proposed system finds the exact location of the fault. This system uses an… 
Underground Cable Fault Detection System Using ARDUINO, GSM & GPS
Power cables that are used to a supply electrical power is placed underground to avoid unwanted interference. This makes it very tough to determine the exact location of the faults that occur. A
Microcontroller-based Cable Fault and Insulation Flaw Detection in Low-Voltage Cables
This method is a cheaper and simpler alternative to existing ones for detecting cable insulation flaw by using the principle of a Varley loop to determine the exact distance of the fault in the underground cable up to the accuracy of a meter.
Overview of IOT Based Underground Cable Fault Detector
-.Underground television system may be a common followed in major areas in railway system cities. Whereas a fault happens for a few reason, atThat time the fixing method associated with actual cable
GSM based Underground Cable Fault Detection
: Underground cable is the replacement of overhead wires providing electrical power or telecommunication using underground cable; they have small voltage drops, low chances of developing faults and
Identification and classification of faults in underground cables – A review
The need for power is constantly rising, with the current economic growth. In the power distribution system, transmission lines are the most important part as they play an indispensable role in
Efficient Android Based Invisible Broken Wire Detector
The system to include an android based underground broken wire detection which works by detecting the electromagnetic field around a live underground cable is proposed and provides a cost-efficient way of detecting the short circuit shortcomings in underground cables.
Advanced Hybrid Grid with Anti-Theft Alert and Fault Detection
This paper intends to integrate the concepts of efficient hybrid power generation, advanced grid, fault detection, and protection systems and electrical pilferage in a power system and utilize them to create an operational miniature of an "Advanced Hybrid Grid".
An Experimental Educational Platform Based Arduino-GSM for Power System Protection
An experimental platform based Arduino microcontroller and GSM card has been performed and proposed for power system protection education and aims to simulate the basic principle of the SCADA system, by remote control of a contactor supplying a load.


Fault Detection Technique to pinpoint Incipient Fault for Underground Cables
If a fault occurs in an Underground cable, it is very difficult to track down the fault, as the conductors are concealed. The failure of cable does not occur instantly, it is developed slowly over a
Underground cable fault detection and identification via fourier analysis
  • A. Pandey, N. Younan
  • Engineering
    2010 International Conference on High Voltage Engineering and Application
  • 2010
In this paper, the analysis of underground power cables is performed using Fourier analysis with the objective of detecting fault and average life of the cable. Three types of cables are used in this
Detection of Incipient Faults in Distribution Underground Cables
  • T. Sidhu, Z. Xu
  • Engineering
    IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery
  • 2010
The incipient faults in underground cables are largely caused by voids in cable insulations or defects in splices or other accessories. This type of fault would repeatedly occur and subsequently
Fault Location for Underground Power Cable Using Distributed Parameter Approach
This paper proposes an extensive fault location model for underground power cable in distribution system using voltage and current measurements at the sending-end. First, an equivalent circuit that
Real-time expert system for fault location on high voltage underground distribution cables
To ensure minimum loss of system security and revenue it is essential that faults on underground cable systems be located and repaired rapidly. Currently in the UK, the impulse current method is used
Study of characteristics for simultaneous faults in distribution underground cable using DWT
In the literature for fault detection, most of research works have never been mentioned about effects of simultaneous faults. This paper presents behavior of characteristics for simultaneous fault
A Line to Ground Fault Location Algorithm for Underground Cable System
This paper proposes a line-to-ground fault location algorithm for underground cable system. A feature of the proposed method is a new algorithm based on the analytic research which has not been tried
Impedance based fault location method for phase to phase and three phase faults in transmission systems
This paper presents a new impedance based fault location method in the case of phase to phase and three phase faults. This method utilized the measured impedance by distance relay and super imposed
Transmission Line Fault Detection Using Wavelet Transform
Fault detection, Multiresolution analysis (MRA), Power systems, Wavelet Transform (WT), Signal energy, Dabauchies Wavelet, maximum norm values, maximum detail coefficient, energy of the current signals are calculated from the Wavelet Toolbox in MATLAB/Simulink.
Ageing mechanisms and diagnostics for power cables - an overview
The main ageing and failure mechanisms are described and the advantages and limitations of the diagnostic tests available for the different insulation systems used in distribution and transmission cable systems are indicated.