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Undergraduate Mechatronics Research Journal, Volume 6 - December 2013

  title={Undergraduate Mechatronics Research Journal, Volume 6 - December 2013},
  • UoA
  • Published 2014
Surgical intervention, often including the insertion of pedicle screws into the vertebrae, remains a common treatment for a number of orthopaedic conditions, including scoliosis and external trauma to the spine. Minimally invasive surgery uses small incisions to access the surgical site, to minimize soft tissue trauma to the patient. The insertion of hardware into the spine during surgery is made increasingly perilous with the advent of these minimally invasive techniques. This study… Expand


Development of String Type Flexible Displacement Sensor to Measure the Movement of Robot and Human Body
A Novel Actuator for Underwater Robots
An approach for soft humanoid robot with artificial muscles
  • M. Sugisaka
  • Engineering
  • 2009 IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics
  • 2009
Development of a Novel Flexible Position Sensor for the Control of Hand Exoskeletons, in Mechanical/ Mechatronics Enigneering2012, University of Auckland: Auckland, NewZealand
  • 2012