Under the gaze of the state: policing literature and the case of Taslima Nasrin

  title={Under the gaze of the state: policing literature and the case of Taslima Nasrin},
  author={Manmay Zafar},
  journal={Inter-Asia Cultural Studies},
  pages={410 - 421}
  • Manmay Zafar
  • Published 2005
  • Sociology
  • Inter-Asia Cultural Studies
Abstract This article situates Taslima Nasrin, the controversial writer from Bangladesh, in a particular political and religious moment in the history of Bangladesh, to analyse the difficult relationship the postcolonial state shares with a writer whose work deliberately unsettles the issues of minority and of women and/in religion. The complex mosaic of Nasrin’s work, comprising as varied genres as newspaper columns, poetry and popular novels, has engendered, in the last ten years… Expand
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