Uncovering the Cornfield: Revisions of History in Smile's “Cabin Essence”

  title={Uncovering the Cornfield: Revisions of History in Smile's “Cabin Essence”},
  author={Dale Carter},
  journal={Popular Music and Society},
  pages={565 - 585}
  • D. Carter
  • Published 20 October 2015
  • History
  • Popular Music and Society
Observers agree that a pivotal factor in the abandonment of the Beach Boys' Smile album in 1967 was the hostility shown by group members to some of Brian Wilson co-writer Van Dyke Parks's lyrics. The latter still tend, however, to be cited more than they are analyzed. This reading of the song occasioning most friction—“Cabin Essence”—argues that it was neither disorganized nor unintelligible. An encapsulation of Smile's concerns informed by the new left and countercultural contexts of its… 
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