Uncoupling of a CLC Cl-/H+ exchange transporter by polyatomic anions.

  title={Uncoupling of a CLC Cl-/H+ exchange transporter by polyatomic anions.},
  author={Wang Nguitragool and Christopher Miller},
  journal={Journal of molecular biology},
  volume={362 4},
CLC-ec1 is a bacterial archetype of CLC transporters, a ubiquitous class of proteins that catalyze transmembrane exchange of Cl- and H+ necessary for pH regulation of numerous physiological processes. Despite a profusion of high-resolution structures, the molecular mechanism of exchange remains unknown. Here, we rigorously demonstrate strict exchange stoichiometry of 2 Cl-/1 H+. In addition to Cl- and Br-, two non-halide ions, NO3- and SCN-, are shown to be transported by CLC-ec1, but with… CONTINUE READING

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