Uncoupling and Turnover in a Cl−/H+ Exchange Transporter

  title={Uncoupling and Turnover in a Cl−/H+ Exchange Transporter},
  author={Michael R. Walden and Alessio Accardi and Fang Wu and Chen Xu and Carole Williams and Christopher Miller},
  journal={The Journal of General Physiology},
  pages={317 - 329}
The CLC-family protein CLC-ec1, a bacterial homologue of known structure, stoichiometrically exchanges two Cl(-) for one H(+) via an unknown membrane transport mechanism. This study examines mutations at a conserved tyrosine residue, Y445, that directly coordinates a Cl(-) ion located near the center of the membrane. Mutations at this position lead to "uncoupling," such that the H(+)/Cl(-) transport ratio decreases roughly with the volume of the substituted side chain. The uncoupled proteins… CONTINUE READING
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