Uncoupling Electrokinetic Flow Solutions

  title={Uncoupling Electrokinetic Flow Solutions},
  author={Kristopher L. Kuhlman and Bwalya Malama},
  journal={Mathematical Geosciences},
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The continuum-scale electrokinetic porous-media flow and excess charge redistribution equations are uncoupled using eigenvalue decomposition. The uncoupling results in a pair of independent diffusion equations for “intermediate” potentials subject to modified material properties and boundary conditions. The fluid pressure and electrostatic potential are then found by recombining the solutions to the two intermediate uncoupled problems in a matrix-vector multiplication. Expressions for the… 


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Governing equations for the coupled electromagnetics and acoustics of porous media.
  • Pride
  • Physics
    Physical review. B, Condensed matter
  • 1994
The macroscopic governing equations controlling the coupled electromagnetics and acoustics of porous media are derived here from first principles in the form of Maxwell's equations coupled to Biot's equations with coupling occurring in the flux-force relations.
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