Unconvincing evidence that Beale's Mathematician is Robert Hooke

  title={Unconvincing evidence that Beale's Mathematician is Robert Hooke},
  author={Dr Christopher A Whittaker},
  journal={Journal of Microscopy},
  pages={189 - 190}
There are no authenticated portraits of the polymath Robert Hooke (1635-1703). However, based mainly upon his analysis of the armillary, diagram, and landscape in Mary Beale’s Portrait of a Mathematician (1680-81), Griffing (2020a) posited that the sitter is “likely” to be Hooke.1 The evidence that he presents is problematic. Griffing’s key argument is that the armillary is a prototype orrery, showing the elliptical orbits of the planets around the sun, which “provides a mechanical analogue of… 
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The lost portrait of Robert Hooke?
The ‘Portrait of a Mathematician’ attributed to Mary Beale in the 1680s is considered as a likely candidate for a portrait of Robert Hooke made during his lifetime, which contains a remarkable diagram and armillary sphere, establishing Hooke's contribution to the theory of gravity.
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The mystery of the missing portrait of Robert Hooke, 17th century scientist extraordinaire
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Lowther in the County of Westmorland, the seat of the Rt. Hon. The Lord Viscount Lonsdale. In collaboration with LeonardKnyff
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Portrait of a Mathematician by
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Lowther in the County of Westmorland, the seat of the Rt. Hon. The Lord Viscount Lonsdale
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Portrait of a Mathematician by Mary Beale
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