Unconventional interventional therapy for cavernous transformation of the portal vein.

  title={Unconventional interventional therapy for cavernous transformation of the portal vein.},
  author={Yong-peng Diao and Ning Yang and Li-long Guo and Xiao-jun Song and Changwei Liu and Yongjun Li},
  journal={Annals of vascular surgery},
  volume={28 7},
Cavernous transformation of the portal vein (CTPV) is a mass-like network of collateral veins around the portal vein as the sequel to extrahepatic portal vein obstruction. The common clinical manifestations include esophageal varices, splenomegaly, and hypersplenism. The patient may present with recurrent hematemesis and tarry stool. We report a woman who presented with CTPV, which was managed with an unconventional interventional method to recanalize the superior mesenteric vein and main… CONTINUE READING

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