Unconventional electromagnetic mode in neutral Weyl semimetals

  title={Unconventional electromagnetic mode in neutral Weyl semimetals},
  author={Yago Ferreir{\'o}s and Alberto Cortijo},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We study light propagation in a neutral Weyl semimetal with the Fermi level lying at the Weyl nodes in the weak self-interacting regime. The nontrivial topology induces a screening effect in one of the two transverse gauge fields, for which we find two branches of attenuated collective excitations. In addition to the known topologically gaped photon mode, a novel massless and slightly damped excitation appears. Strikingly, at low energies this new excitation has a linear dispersion and it… 

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) . 8 A . A . Zyuzin and A . A . Burkov
  • Phys . Rev . B
  • 2008