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Unconventional Water Detection: Field Test of the Dowsing Technique in Dry Zones: Part l*

  title={Unconventional Water Detection: Field Test of the Dowsing Technique in Dry Zones: Part l*},
  author={Hans Dieter Betz},
This report presents new insights into an unconventional option of locating water reserves which relies on water dowsing. The effectiveness of this method is still rightly disputed. Now, however, extensive field studies - in line with provable and reliable historic accounts - have shown that a few carefully selected dowsers are certainly able to detect faults, fissures and fractures with relative alacrity and surprising accuracy in areas with, say, crystalline or limestone bedrock. A series of… 
Some ten years ago an extensive research project has been carried out at the University of Munich aimed at gaining insight into the dowsing phenomenon. A great variety of experiments have been
Field mapping of buried faults – a new approach applied in the Western Carpathians
Fault array in an area covered by Quaternary sediments and deprived of bedrock outcrops was investigated using fault trace mapping by geophysical methods and human feedback information from dowsing.
Geopathic stress: a study to understand its nature using Light Interference Technique
CURRENT SCIENCE, VOL. 98, NO. 5, 10 MARCH 2010 695 *For correspondence. (e-mail: sejalrohit2007@gmail.com) 13. Kurian, N. P., Waves and littoral process at Calicut. In Ocean Waves and Beach Processes
Section Chairman Committee
Over the years, SB research group has carried out investigations at two Romans archaeological sites with thermal baths; in Serbia in 2013 and more recently the Laško area in Slovenia. In both cases
Biomedical Evidence of Influence of Geopathic Zones on the Human Body: Scientifically Traceable Effects and Ways of Harmonization
The significant differences in the physical area of glow parameter lead to the conclusion that the 2 different zones within the same room (geopathic vs. more neutral zone) exerted different influences on the human body, which may have caused a geopathic stress phenomenon.
An overview of Impact of Geopathic Stress on Environment and Human Health
Earth’ core is dynamic and always fluctuating by the natural variations in its rotation, creating a massive energy field, known as electromagnetic field (EMF). We are continuously exposed to a wide
Effect of geopathic stress zone on human body voltage and skin resistance
Observations indicate a change in body voltage, skin resistance in geopathic stress zones as compared to non-stress zone.
The Cavity Structure Effect in Medicine: The Physical Aspect
  • L. Boldyreva
  • Medicine, Physics
    Complementary Medicine Research
  • 2013
It is shown in the paper that it is possible to explain the effects of CSs on biological objects under the assumption that the physical vacuum has the properties of superfluid 3He-B.
Dowsing reviewed — the effect persists
We reply to a recent critique by Enright in Naturwissenschaften [1] on our Scheunen experiment performed as part of a research program on dowsing [2, 3]. Our contention had been that the size of the


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