Unconventional Mott transition in K x Fe 2 − y Se 2

  title={Unconventional Mott transition in K x Fe 2 − y Se 2},
  author={Luis Craco and Mukul S. Laad and Stefano Leoni},
  journal={Physical Review B},
The newly discovered 122-iron-chalcogenide superconductors show clear signatures of Mott-insulating and strange, incoherent metal normal states. Motivated thereby, we use local-density approximation plus dynamical mean-field theory (LDA + DMFT) to study the electronic structure and transport properties of K${}_{x}$Fe${}_{2\ensuremath{-}y}$Se${}_{2}$. We find that the undoped KFe${}_{1.6}$Se${}_{2}$ system is a new kind of Mott-Kondo insulator (MKI). Electron doping this MKI drives a Mott… 

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