Unconscious dominions : psychoanalysis, colonial trauma, and global sovereignties

  title={Unconscious dominions : psychoanalysis, colonial trauma, and global sovereignties},
  author={Warwick Anderson and Deborah Jenson and Richard C. Keller},
Acknowledgments vii Introduction: Globalizing the Unconscious / Warwick Anderson, Deborah Jenson, and Richard C. Keller 1 Part I. Ethnohistory, Colonialism, and the Cosmopolitan Psychoanalytic Subject 1. Sovereignty in Crisis / John D. Cash 21 2. Denial, La Crypte, and Magic: Contributions to the Global Unconscious from Late Colonial French West African Psychiatry / Alice Bullard 43 3. Geza Rohein and the Australian Aborigine: Psychoanalytic Anthropology during the Interwar Years / Joy Damousi… 
The cannibal trope : a psychosocial critique of psychoanalysis' colonial fantasies
In this thesis I examine the ambivalent engagement of psychoanalysis with questions of ‘race’ and racial difference and I argue that there are yet unacknowledged colonial legacies entrenched in
This essay considers how Freud traveled in postwar Egypt through an exploration of the work of Yusuf Murad, the founder of a school of thought within the psychological and human sciences, and
Castration fever: On trans, China, and psychoanalysis.
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Though psychoanalysis may appear as a subject far removed from the eunuchs of ancient China, this essay highlights some of the methodological stakes that have saturated the historical study of both topics.
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Introduction: Historicizing Chinese Psychiatry - Howard Chiang Part I: Historical Precedents 1 Exorcising Dreams and Nightmares in Late Ming China - Brigid E Vance 2 Emotional Therapy and Talking
Minds in Crisis: Medico-moral Theories of Disorder in the Late Colonial World
This chapter examines two now-discredited medical theories that offered similar diagnoses of mental and moral disorder in the late colonial world. One theory concerned the colonizers and the other
Armed against Unhappiness: Psychoanalytic Grammars in Buenos Aires.
This article examines how diverse psychoanalytic communities in Buenos Aires have produced unique grammars that influence how individuals articulate ideas about health and well-being and demonstrates how psychic life is enmeshed within social and political experience.
Translators of the Soul: Bingham Dai, Pow-Meng Yap, and the Making of Transcultural Psychoanalysis in the Asia Pacific
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This essay argues that Asian psychoanalysts developed a new style of science, what I call transcultural reasoning, in the twentieth century. This conceptual innovation drew on the power of cultural
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Abstract Trauma has the potential to change the way we understand, research, and write the histories of settler colonial societies. Indigenous and African-American psychologists and sociologists have
The discipline of anthropology has perhaps always been especially close to the exercise of state power, but, in the last two-thirds of the twentieth century, the nature of both anthropology and state
Australian Postcolonial Trauma and Silences in Samson and Delilah
In 1932, the respected anthropologist Raymond Firth wrote that the Aboriginal Australian manifested a strange trait, one unlike their indigenous counterparts elsewhere in the colonised Pacific. The