Unconformity-associated uranium deposits of the Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan and Alberta

  title={Unconformity-associated uranium deposits of the Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan and Alberta},
  author={Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson and D. J. Thomas and Sunil S. Gandhi and Paul Ramaekers and Gary D. Delaney and Dan Brisbin and Christopher J. Cutts and P. Portella and R. A. Olson},
This review of the geology, geophysics, and origin of the unconformity-associated uranium deposit type is focused on the Athabasca Basin. Pods, veins, and semimassive replacements of uraninite (var. pitchblende) are located close to unconformities between late Paleoto Mesoproterozoic conglomeratic sandstone basins and metamorphosed basement rocks. The thin, overall flat-lying, and apparently unmetamorphosed but pervasively altered, mainly fluvial strata include red to pale tan quartzose… 
Empirical Models for Canadian Unconformity-Associated Uranium Deposits
  • Geology
  • 2007
This review of the geology and geochemical-geophysical attributes of the unconformity-associated uranium (U) deposit type is based mainly on deposits in the Athabasca Basin. Pods, veins, and
Regional Setting, Geology, and Paragenesis of the Centennial Unconformity-Related Uranium Deposit, Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan, Canada
The Centennial unconformity-related uranium deposit represents the first significant uranium mineralization along the Snowbird tectonic zone in the south-central part of the Athabasca Basin. The
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Magmatic and Metamorphic Uraninite Mineralization in the Western Margin of the Trans-Hudson Orogen (Saskatchewan, Canada): A Uranium Source for Unconformity-Related Uranium Deposits?
The genetic model for the giant unconformity-related uranium deposits of the Athabasca Basin is still being debated, with one of the main issues being the source of the uranium concentrated by
Formation and Evolution of the Centennial Unconformity-Related Uranium Deposit in the South-Central Athabasca Basin, Canada
The Centennial U deposit is situated in the south-central Athabasca Basin (Canada) and straddles the unconformity between early Paleoproterozoic to Archean metasedimentary and metavolcanic rocks and
ydrogeology , sequence stratigraphy and diagenesis in the Paleoproterozoic estern Thelon Basin : Influences on unconformity-related uranium ineralization
The Paleoproterozoic (Statherian) Thelon Formation consists of unmetamorphosed sandstone and conglomerate that was deposited in the Thelon Basin, a continental basin in northern Canada. This study
Hydrothermal activity in the basement granite associated with the unconformity-related uranium deposit in Chitrial area, Cuddapah Basin, India
Uranium mineralization occurs adjacent to the unconformity between Paleoproterozoic granite and Meso- to Neoproterozoic cover sediments in Chitrial prospect of Cuddapah Basin in Indian shield.
Geochemical footprint of the Millennium unconformity-type uranium deposit, Canada: implications for vectoring new targets
The Millennium deposit, a c. 650-m deep monomineralic uranium deposit, is located in the southeastern Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan, a region containing numerous high-grade unconformity-type U


Geologic appraisal of the Key Lake U-Ni deposits, northern Saskatchewan
The Key Lake orebodies are at the southeastern rim of the Athabasca Basin in middle Proterozoic Athabasca sandstone and immediately underlying Aphebian metasediments of the Wollaston Fold Belt. The
On the genesis of Rabbit Lake and other unconformity-type uranium deposits in northern Saskatchewan, Canada
A description is given of the geology, mineralogy, and geochemistry of the Rabbit Lake deposit, located in the immediate vicinity of the unconformity between an Aphebian/Archean metamorphosed
Significance of Alteration Assemblages for the Origin and Evolution of the Proterozoic Nabarlek Unconformity-Related Uranium Deposit, Northern Territory, Australia
The Proterozoic Nabarlek unconformity-related uranium deposit in the Alligator Rivers uranium field is hosted by Paleoproterozoic amphibolite-grade, metamorphosed semipelitic sedimentary rocks and
Geology and thermotectonic evolution of the western margin of the Trans-Hudson Orogen: evidence from the eastern sub-Athabasca basement, Saskatchewan
In the Cree Lake Zone of northern Saskatchewan, reworked Archean orthogneisses are overlain by a highly deformed supracrustal sequence, the Paleoproterozoic Wollaston Group. This package of rocks was
Unusual organic matter associated with uranium from the Claude Deposit, Cluff Lake, Canada
Blebs and pods of organic matter (0.2-7.0 cm in diam) are associated with uranium mineralization in all the major deposits (D, N-R-F, Claude, OP, and Dominique-Peter zones) of the Cluff Lake area in
Structural control of uranium mineralization at the Dominique-Peter Deposit, Saskatchewan, Canada
The Dominique-Peter deposit is part of a cluster of unconformity-related uranium deposits that have been exploited since 1980 at the Cluff Lake mine in northern Saskatchewan. It is located on the