Unconditionally reliable message transmission in directed networks

  title={Unconditionally reliable message transmission in directed networks},
  author={Bhavani Shankar and Prasant Gopal and K. Srinathan and C. Pandu Rangan},
In the <i>unconditionally reliable message transmission</i> (URMT) problem, two non-faulty players, the <i>sender</i> <b>S</b> and the <i>receiver</i> <b>R</b> are part of a synchronous network modeled as a directed graph. <b>S</b> has a message that he wishes to send to <b>R</b>; the challenge is to design a protocol such that after exchanging messages as per the protocol, the receiver <b>R</b> should <i>correctly</i> obtain <b>S</b>'s message with arbitrarily small error probability Δ, in… CONTINUE READING