Uncommon Differences: On Political Correctness, Core Curriculum and Democracy in Education

  title={Uncommon Differences: On Political Correctness, Core Curriculum and Democracy in Education},
  author={Herbert R. Kohl},
  journal={The Lion and the Unicorn},
  pages={1 - 16}
  • H. Kohl
  • Published 1 January 2009
  • Education
  • The Lion and the Unicorn

An Analysis of the Use of English with Political Correctness: A Case Study of Graduate Students in Thailand

This study aims to examine the use of English with political correctness of master’s degree students in a university in Bangkok, Thailand and to identify their attitudes and opinions towards the use

The Alt-Right as a Revolt against Neoliberalism and Political Correctness: the Role of Collective Action Frames

  • Luigi Esposito
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    Perspectives on Global Development and Technology
  • 2019
This article addresses how the alt-right has developed its guiding principles or “collective action frames” in opposition to two hegemonic ideologies: neoliberalism and political correctness. Two

Is Teaching English as an International Language All about Being Politically Correct?

One comment I often receive when I talk about teaching English as an international language (TEIL) is that TEIL is all about being politically correct – a mere gesture to be inclusive and

Postmodernism and Poststructuralism

This chapter discusses how postmodernism and poststructuralism have influenced educational theory and practice. It begins with a discussion of these two ‘-isms’ themselves, which have often been the

Conformity in a 'Canned Course': The Suppression of Authentic Dialogue in Graded Online Discussion Forums

The recent shift to online learning environments in higher education has elicited complex issues pertaining to student demographics, course structure and content, and the instructor’s role. In this

“We have to be really careful with what we say”: Critical discourses across difference in pre-service teacher education

In her seminal paper on the limitations of critical pedagogy, Ellsworth (1989) asks, “What diversity do we silence in the name of ‘liberatory’ pedagogy?” (299). Ellsworth demonstrates how critical

Political Correctness , Censorship , and Performativity in Education

RESEARCH AND PHILOSOPHY During the 2003 Annual Meeting of the Philosophy of Education Society, the role and position of philosophical inquiry in the field of education were much discussed. In many