Uncertainty induced by QCD coupling in the CTEQ global analysis of parton distributions

  title={Uncertainty induced by QCD coupling in the CTEQ global analysis of parton distributions},
  author={Hung-Liang Lai and J. Huston and Zhao Li and Pavel M. Nadolsky and Jon Pumplin and Daniel Robert Stump and C.-P. Yuan},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We examine the dependence of parton distribution functions (PDFs) on the value of the QCD coupling strengths(MZ). We explain a simple method that is rigorously valid in the quadratic approximation normally applied in PDF fitting, and fully reproduces the correlated dependence of theoretical cross sections ons and PDF parameters. This method is based on a statistical relation that allows one to add the uncertainty produced bys, computed with some special PDF sets, in quadrature with the PDF… Expand

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