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Uncertainty in Experimental / Analytical Substructuring Predictions : A Review with Illustrative Examples

  title={Uncertainty in Experimental / Analytical Substructuring Predictions : A Review with Illustrative Examples},
  author={M. S. Allen and D. Kammer and R. L. Mayes},
Experimental-analytical substructuring methods have long been explored to expedite testing and analysis of built up systems in various fields. However, many of these efforts have failed because the substructuring calculations can be very sensitive to experimental uncertainty and truncation of the subcomponent models. This work presents a review of the literature regarding uncertainty in experimental/analytical substructuring, highlighting the phenomena that have been observed such as inherent… Expand

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  • A. A. Giunta, J. McFarland, L. P. Swiler, M. S. Eldred
  • Mathematics
  • 2005