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Uncertainty Quantification of Large-Eddy Simulation Results of Riverine Flows: A Field and Numerical Study

  title={Uncertainty Quantification of Large-Eddy Simulation Results of Riverine Flows: A Field and Numerical Study},
  author={Kevin Flora and Ali Khosronejad},
We present large-eddy simulations (LESs) of riverine flow in a study reach in the Sacramento River, California. The riverbed bathymetry was surveyed in high-resolution using a multibeam echosounder to construct the computational model of the study area, while the topographies were defined using aerial photographs taken by an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS). In a series of field campaigns, we measured the flow field of the river using the acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP) and estimated… 


River Processes: An Introduction to Fluvial Dynamics
(p. 270). The company is particularly active along the Panhandle coast, but it intends to β€˜β€˜build value’’ (and stimulate profitable development) farther inland during the coming decades. The authors…
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Effect of bank vegetation on the hydrodynamics of the American River under flood conditions: a numerical study
  • Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, Forthcomin
  • 2021
On the Impact of Bed-Bathymetry Resolution and Bank Vegetation on the Flood Flow Field of the American River, California: Insights Gained Using Data-Driven Large-Eddy Simulation
AbstractHigh-fidelity models can simulate many detailed hydrodynamic features of flow in natural rivers. However, it is challenging to explicitly capture the effects of highly complex bathymetry an...
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