Uncertainty Principles for Kac Algebras

  title={Uncertainty Principles for Kac Algebras},
  author={Zhengwei Liu and Jinsong Wu},
  journal={arXiv: Operator Algebras},
In this paper, we introduce the notation of bi-shift of biprojections in subfactor theory to unimodular Kac algebras. We characterize the minimizers of Hirschman-Beckner uncertainty principle and Donoho-Stark uncertainty principle for unimodular Kac algebras with biprojections and prove Hardy's uncertainty principle in terms of minimizers. 
Uncertainty principles for locally compact quantum groups
Abstract In this paper, we prove the Donoho–Stark uncertainty principle for locally compact quantum groups and characterize the minimizer which are bi-shifts of group-like projections. We also prove
Minimizers of the entropic uncertainty principle for locally compact quantum groups
  • Jinsong Wu
  • Mathematics
    Journal of Mathematical Physics
  • 2019
In this paper, we give an alternative proof of the Hirschman-Beckner uncertainty principle for locally compact quantum groups and characterize the minimizers of the uncertainty principles.In this
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Various smooth uncertainty principles on von Neumann bi-algebras are proved, which unify numbers of uncertainty Principles on quantum symmetries, such as subfactors, and fusion bi- algebrs etc, studied in quantum Fourier analysis.
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  • Physics, Mathematics
    Journal of Mathematical Physics
  • 2018
The uncertainty principle has been established within the framework of locally compact quantum groups in recent years. This paper demonstrates that entropic uncertainty relations can be strengthened
Quantum Fourier analysis
This paper introduces this mathematical subject, shows how it can solve some theoretical problems, and gives some applications to quantum physics with bounds on entropy and the analysis of quantum entanglement.
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The minimizers of the uncertainty principles are characterized and then Hardy's uncertainty principle is proved by using minimizers, which proves that the minimizer is uniquely determined by the supports of itself and its Fourier transform.
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