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Uncertain Temporal Knowledge Graphs

  title={Uncertain Temporal Knowledge Graphs},
  author={Melisachew Wudage Chekol and Heiner Stuckenschmidt},
Temporal data can be found in various sources from patient histories, purchase histories, employee histories, to web logs. [] Key Method In this work, we use a numerical extension of Markov logic networks to provide formal syntax and semantics for uncertain temporal kgs. Moreover, we propose a set of datalog constraints with inequalities, that extend the underlying schema of the kgs and help in resolving conflicting facts. Finally, we characterize the complexity of two important queries, maximum a-posteriori…
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State-of-the-Art Approaches for Meta-Knowledge Assertion in the Web of Data
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Representing and querying validity time in RDF and OWL: A logic-based approach
  • B. Motik
  • Computer Science, Philosophy
    J. Web Semant.
  • 2012
This paper presents a logic-based approach for representing validity time in RDF and OWL, and an optimization of the algorithm that is applicable to entailment relations characterized by a set of deterministic rules, such RDF(S), OWL 2 RL/RDF entailment.