Unburdening the undue burden standard: orienting Casey in constitutional jurisprudence.

  title={Unburdening the undue burden standard: orienting Casey in constitutional jurisprudence.},
  author={Gillian E. Metzger},
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The unstructured two-dimensional grid-based computation of selective thermal radiation in CO2-N2 mixture flows

The possibility of applying the P1 approximation of the spherical harmonics method to the computation of the radiant heat transfer in heterogeneous volumes of complicated geometry is investigated.

Sorrell v. IMS Health and the End of the Constitutional Double Standard

Post-New Deal constitutional law is organized around a “double standard” between constitutional principles that the courts rigorously enforce, such as free speech or personal privacy, and those on

Promoting Fetal Personhood: The Rhetorical and Legislative Strategies of the Pro-Life Movement after Planned Parenthood v. Casey

The article examines the pro-life movement's efforts to advance the legal, moral, and political arguments for fetal personhood in the period following the Supreme Court's case Planned Parenthood v.

Radiation excited by shock waves in a CO2-N2-Ar mixture: Experiment and theory

On the basis of experimental data both published and obtained by the authors on radiation excited in CO2-N2-Ar mixtures by shock waves, a physicochemical model of such mixtures is developed that can



Abortion politics: writing for an audience of one.

This article is divided into several sections: an introduction arguments for the existence of a liberty interest for women, arguments that reproductive choices are essential to a womans control of her won destiny and family life, and explanations why the political process can not be trusted to achieve the desired outcome.

See 18 Pa

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      woman protected from "unduly burdensome" interference with right to seek abortion); see also Harris v

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      These provisions appear to violate the per se rule and would cause the invalidation of the statute as a whole under the new methodology. 280. See Casey, 112 S. Ct

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