Unbounded solutions of models for glycolysis

  title={Unbounded solutions of models for glycolysis},
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The Selkov oscillator, a simple description of glycolysis, is a system of two ordinary differential equations with mass action kinetics. In previous work the authors established several properties of the solutions of this system. In the present paper we extend this to prove that this system has solutions which diverge to infinity in an oscillatory manner at late times. This is done with the help of a Poincaré compactification of the system and a shooting argument. This system was originally… 

Transient behavior towards the stable limit cycle in the Sel’kov model of Glycolysis: A physiological disorder

Modification of Selkov model for glycolysis: A drive towards reality

A modification of the Selkov model was proposed here to study this problem of Glycolysis in more realistic way and it was observed that convergence time, studied as a function of the distance from the limit cycle, got saturated away from the cycle.

The emergence of polyglot entrainment responses to periodic inputs in vicinities of Hopf bifurcations in slow-fast systems.

Several distinct entrainment patterns can occur in the FitzHugh-Nagumo (FHN) model under external periodic forcing. Investigating the FHN model under different types of periodic forcing reveals the

Turing instability in quantum activator–inhibitor systems

Turing instability is a fundamental mechanism of nonequilibrium self-organization. However, despite the universality of its essential mechanism, Turing instability has thus far been investigated

Relaxing lockdown measures in epidemic outbreaks using selective socio-economic containment with uncertainty

Starting from a compartmental model with a social structure, models with multiple feedback controls depending on the social activities that allow to assess the impact of a selective relaxation of the containment measures in the presence of uncertain data are derived.

A stochastic metapopulation state-space approach to modeling and estimating Covid-19 spread

A novel stochastic metapopulation state-space model for COVID-19 transmission, which is based on a discrete-time spatio-temporal susceptible, exposed, infected, recovered, and deceased (SEIRD) model is proposed.

Phase portraits of the Higgins–Selkov system

The phase portraits of the Higgins–Selkov system are classified for 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 in the Poincare disc for all the values of the parameter \begin{document}$ \alpha $\end{ document} .



Dynamics of the Selkov oscillator.

Uniqueness and global attractivity of glycolytic oscillations suggested by Selkov’s model

In this work, we study the qualitative properties of the model proposed by Selkov Eur J Biochem 4: 79–86 (1968) for the description of the glycolytic oscillations. First we show that the Selkov’s

Early models of chemical oscillations failed to provide bounded solutions

  • T. Erneux
  • Physics
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences
  • 2018
The findings support the conclusion that the Brusselator is the first minimal two-variable model explaining the onset of stable oscillations in a way fully compatible with thermodynamics and the law of mass action.

Globally attractive oscillations in open monosubstrate allosteric enzyme reactions

Here we study the dynamical properties of glycolytic and other similar biochemical oscillation-generating processes by means of the analysis of a model proposed by Golbdeter and Lefever (Bioph J

Self-oscillations in glycolysis. 1. A simple kinetic model.

  • E. Sel'kov
  • Biology
    European journal of biochemistry
  • 1968
A comparison between the model and the phosphofructokinase reaction shows a close resemblance between their dynamical properties, which makes it possible to explain qualitatively most experimental data on single-frequency oscillations in glycolysis.

On the creation, growth and extinction of oscillatory solutions for a simple pooled chemical reaction scheme

The equations which govern a simple pooled chemical reaction scheme are analysed in detail in terms of a nondimensional parameter $\mu $, which represents the amount of the pooled chemical originally

Control of oscillating glycolysis of yeast by stochastic, periodic, and steady source of substrate: a model and experimental study.

Type and range of entrainment of glycolytic oscillations by a periodic source of substrate are determined experimentally in yeast extracts and indicates that the oscillatory dynamics of the gly colytic system can satisfactorily be described by the phosphofructokinase model.


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Qualitative Theory of Planar Differential Systems

This book deals with systems of polynomial autonomous ordinary differential equations in two real variables. The emphasis is mainly qualitative, although attention is also given to more algebraic